Vision Loss Supports

An eye with arms and legs pointing to eye chart

Specialized Services For Specialized Needs

Vision is one of, if not the most meaningful of all the senses that we have. We live in a visual world and take for granted just what it would mean to live our lives with limited vision.

Adults and seniors with vision loss/blindness are faced with numerous challenges and frustrations that can cause real safety and social issues in their day to day lives.

By understanding vision loss and how it impacts an individual both physically and emotionally, you can begin to develop strategies to overcome daily challenges.

Visual Aids & Technology

Visual aids and optical devices can make a world of difference for some forms of vision loss. Accessing the correct device and utilizing it properly can be challenging and frustrating. 

Available technology and accessibility products can be confusing, hard to find and difficult to learn. Let SupportAbility help you navigate your vision loss journey and make the most of your abilities. 

Magnifiers, lifestyle items such as large button phones and talking products are all extremely helpful and available locally from retailers and non-profits. 

Skill Development For Increased Independence

When an individual experiences vision loss it can mean a dramatic shift in the way that an individual is able to complete daily tasks and activities. Looking for new and innovative methods of being independent and completing a task can help to make the adjustment easier.

SupportAbility can help you and your loved ones understand and manage the challenges that come with vision loss and help to connect you with both the skills and products that can bring the biggest improvement to your independence.

Emotional Journey

Losing your sight is an emotional journey that is different for everyone. SupportAbility's personalized and flexible supports help to ease the challenges associated with vision loss and help to build an individuals confidence and abilities.