Transportation & Accompaniment

Older woman being assisted out of a vehicle

Door To Door Transportation

In today's busy world, travel supports are the #1 need of seniors and adults with disabilities. Ensuring that individuals can easily move around their community and get to appointments, outings and events is key in maintaining their health & happiness. 

Having access to reliable supportive transportation services can decrease the stress associated with the loss of one's licence, lessen stress on family members and make it easier for individuals to book and attend medical and personal appointments or community events.

SupportAbility is always pleased to provide transportation to service animals.

Supportive Accompaniment

Have you ever taken a taxi or bus to an appointment, mall or grocery store, only to realize that getting there was just the first half of the battle? Now you must search for a location or item within a new and unknown space. Having to struggle or cut your outing short due to limitations can be frustrating and time consuming!

For some, particularly those with complex needs and seniors with vision loss, travelling alone can be a very overwhelming and daunting experience. Don't let age and health related changes stand in the way of living your life to the fullest.

SupportAbility staff provide friendly companionship and practical support to clients while travelling out in the community.

Compare The Costs

The average taxi charges a tariff fee and charge per kilometer. They drop you off at the door and drive off.  SupportAbility clients enjoy a more affordable rate than a taxi and receive a dynamic door to door experience at an affordable hourly rate that you won't get anywhere else. 

SupportAbility 'Members' enjoy discounted km & hourly rates as well as priority booking.