Technology Supports & Training

seniors hand using computer mouse

Connect With What Matters Most

Want to learn how to use basic computer systems and get online? Want someone who specializes in training seniors or can accommodate your special needs? Learn at your own pace, in your own home!! 

SupportAbility can help you to learn how to connect more easily with today's online world. Learn the ins and outs of what to do, what to avoid and how to connect to the information that is meaningful to you.

Minimizing Isolation, Creating Connections

Although scary, technology today is designed to streamline our lives, creating easier ways to do traditional tasks and connecting us with others. 

Image being able to utilize technology that helps you to do the things you love. Technology today can make living more independently a reality.

Individualized Training & Ongoing Support

SupportAbility's service allows clients to access as much personalized 'tech support' as they need. 

Busy or long distance families & caregivers can provide loved ones with local, easy to access supports and personalized help with any and all aspects of electronics, technology and accessibility in their home.

Building Skills, Creating Opportunities

For adults with dynamic challenges such as vision loss, being able to utilize traditional computer programs and online interfaces can mean learning new and different ways of doing traditional tasks.

Being able to use technology proficiently and feeling confident in your abilities is imperative in today's ever changing professional world.

Building skills & confidence in your own ability, and utilizing accessible technology appropriately is a winning combination! 

Unique Gifts for Seniors & Special Needs

Want to provide a loved one with a meaningful and unique gift f or a birthday or Christmas? Why not get them the gift of connecting with SupportAbility's one on one training and ongoing support.