Home, Lifestyle & Transition Supports

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Home Supports

Age & disability can increase the need for basic practical supports when living independently, or in a in a semi-supported environment.

Help and support with minor home maintenance & repairs, help with basic upkeep, organization and safety around the home can mean the difference between living in a safe environment and having to move prematurely. Simple modifications and improvements to the environment can make all the difference.

Lifestyle & Hobby Support

It's challenging and can be frustrating when you have dreams and goals but are not sure how to turn them into reality.

SupportAbility can help you to look at the opportunities available to you and learn to make meaningful action plans & accommodations to overcome challenges.

It could be as simple as making your favorite hobby or activity accessible to your abilities. Developing a plan of action and setting SMART goals that allow you to realize your true potential!

SupportAbility will help to advocate for your needs and help gives others a better understanding of how to provide meaningful support.

Transition & Moving Supports

Aging and health challenges can mean big changes and sometimes even bigger moves. Let SupportAbility help make the transition and moving process a little bit easier and less stressful.

Whether moving yourself or helping a parent or loved one make a transition into a new apartment, assisted living environment or long term care facility, it can be a big task with many moving parts. From figuring out what facilities are out there, to the costs involved and the logistics of getting everything looked after, SupportAbility is here to make your life easier.